Environmental, Social and Governance


Adhering to the philosophy of "No Environmental Management, No Paper Making" and targeting the development of "Ecological Nine Dragons Paper", Nine Dragons Paper advocates the recycled economic development model of "Reduce, Reuse and Resource". We not only use recyclable paper as its raw materials, but also keeps abreast of the latest standards to continually step up the efforts on environmental protection, so as to ensure our various environmental and energy consumption indices are better than government standards, establishing itself as an exemplary model of environmentally friendly enterprise with a strong edge in resource conservation.

Employment and Labor Practices

Nine Dragons Paper organizes employee recruitment in strict compliance with the provisions of relevant laws, such as the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China and the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China. We exercise equality in the recruitment process regardless of the candidates' gender, age (except for minors), region and race. Candidates who meet the job requirements will be able to obtain equal working opportunities without any discrimination. The employees engaged will enter into labor contracts in writing with the Company once they join and report to the Company, which adequately protect the rights of labors.


Nine Dragons Paper has always been fulfilling its social responsibility. Our commitment includes donation and support to government programs for poverty alleviation. We have also established the “Nine Dragons Class” for many years, funding higher education and providing job opportunities for underprivileged students in remote regions.